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Batter up! A baseball themed cakesmash

I absolutely love it when I get to flex my creative muscles on how I will help clients achieve a theme or style they had in their mind for a child's images. AJ's parents are avid baseball players so when he made his big debut, you bet Mom and Dad wanted their little MVP to have images that included their favorite sport.

We did a few setups for his newborn pictures, then to celebrate his first birthday milestone, we continued on with a take me out to the ball park theme. Mind the pun, but this session was a home run! I love how it turned out! Here are some of my favorite images from the session and a few of AJ's newborn shots. I can't believe how small he looks beside that glove! It's the same glove adorning the crate in the background of his cakesmash!

Thanks for dropping by! :*

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