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Moving Forward During Covid -19

2020 has, so far, been a year that no one could quite anticipate. The need for adaptability to this unprecedented change has been quick; Indeed, it feels as if a rug was pulled out from beneath our feet and we have struggled collectively to rise from the ground, battling fear, anxiety and denial and some incredibly hard emotions. Although I have been saddened by not being able to see all the people I love; I remain thankful for small blessings and root myself in gratitude for the time that has slowed us all down. It has been super important to the growth of my family's ability to connect in ways our pre-covid schedules would never allow and taught me just how truly busy our lives had become. I feel this is an insight gained that should not be taken for granted in the future.

As we adopt the lifestyles of our new "normal", I want to take a second to provide how Viva City Studios is adapting to Covid-19 and the new policies in place to protect my clients and provide a comfortable atmosphere and photography experience. As of this time, I have closed my home studio and will not provide indoor sessions within client homes. This means that all indoor newborn sessions and cake smashes will no longer be available until further notice and sessions will be booked for outdoors only.

Rest assured, I take Covid-19 very seriously. I wash my hands at every opportunity, I disinfect all camera equipment regularly and any props and blankets will continue to be sanitized as I have always done before, for the start of a session. Although I am comfortable not wearing a mask outdoors, I would like my clients to know that it's okay to ask me to do so. I will not hesitate to accommodate this request as I want to put you at ease. I will also be following the recommended 2 meter distancing for all photo sessions. All consultations and viewing/ordering appointments will be done online to honour social distancing until we can all be sure not to spread this horrible virus to any compromised individuals. I also ask that sessions not exceed 6 people unless within the same household and if anyone is showing any signs of colds or sickness that they please reschedule their session with me.

No one can say for sure what the future holds, but the possibility of a second wave of

Covid-19 is real for our Autumn months. In this case, we need to hope for the best and plan for the worst. Many people put off taking family pictures until the Fall for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, this year is like no other and we might not be free to do as we wish when those cooler months come to us, so I am advising families to think about booking your session in these next months of summer to fulfill getting the memories and milestones you deserve to have captured. Viva City Studios will be booking sessions on weekend mornings and evenings as well as weekday evenings through out June, July and August. To book your session click HERE to contact me for availability. I am excited to be able to go out and photograph clients again and hope to connect with you soon <3

until then I wish you all good health and safety as we move into these next phases of life.

xo - Jen

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