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Why I Love Photographing Babies.

I love photographing babies. It never gets old for me.

I love marveling at their tiny little features, and being in awe of how quickly they change and move through the stages of childhood, when they visit me yearly for updated pictures.

I see it in my own children; I'm amazed, and have a hard time remembering them being this size if it weren't for all the photographs and videos I have. I love looking back and seeing how my kids have grown, right under my nose during that daily grind. Those images are the proof that they once were tiny. And I'm so thankful that this is part of my job, to give people the tangible memories for that chance of reflecting back.

This sweet family was a pleasure to photograph. They were such jubilant parents, beaming with pride; this little lass is welcomed with so much love. Mom really wanted neutral and earthy tones, so we kept to a palette of soft cream, taupe and a hint of green. And I'm only telling you this because after sending out their gallery, I fell in love with many of the black & white images from their session. There was so much texture to look at; and for me, it's what makes an image standout a little more without the distraction of colour.

So in favour of those images, I thought I'd post this blog entry with some of my favorite conversions from their session. Enjoy! -you can see one of the coloured versions one here.

lovely lace and texture
A cute button nose and smile

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