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365 Week 1

Good tidings for a prosperous and healthy new year for you constant reader!

What are your resolutions this year?

Mine, among the usual eat healthier and exercise more is putting a little bit of energy back into myself creatively. Resolutions are easy to make, but it's the follow through component that always seems to crumble when the support isn't laid out properly or the will power lacking.

Enter the challenge: Join a group of photographers and do a 365. What is that? you might ask? Simply put, I've decided to dedicate myself to taking a picture from my life every single day and I've joined a group to hold myself accountable to carry through. My first thoughts about doing this: How will I manage to keep up? What if my images are all the same, because so much of my day is built in routine? What if I'm no good at this type of thing? Take it too seriously, or not seriously enough? What if I find it stressful?

Breathe. Relax. Focus. This will be fun.

This is to give back to myself, fill my gratitude bucket and save my own memories. Let my creativity fly and force me to slow down and look at how fast my little ones are growing. Yeah, it might be cliche; but I want to remember the realness of life right now as my children are young, full of adventure and innocence. Sometimes this might mean I'll have to think ahead a bit about what I'm doing next day for an image, or when I might set up my moment to grab a shot. Other times it will mean dedicating myself to have my camera body ready and willing. I vow no more moments of me thinking "Gosh, that would have made a great shot" when my camera wasn't near. I vow to get in the frame with my kids, have fun and get comfortable with a timer / remote. I vow to try new techniques and to search my home for the light. And lastly, I vow to post the weekly images here, so that you can get a little peak into my life. My slice of chaos, my slice of heaven and all the stuff in between.

1/365 Sleepover at Oma's

1/365 a visit to Oma's.   Viva City Studios. Jen Bullied. 2018

New Year's Day and the little miss has not so patiently been waiting for a night over. Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday so it's extra exciting. The house was eerily quiet with her presence gone and Mr. T relished every extra moment of attention.

2/365 Oma's Birthday Kiss

Out for dinner at the Greek Village Restaurant. It's not the most technical photo, but I am in love with the movement and how it's softness makes it feel painterly.

3/365 The Joy of Music

Mr. T loves music and my hubs loves playing it for him. He always takes a moment just before rushing off to work to sit down with his guitar while Mr. T eats breakfast. The smiles and interaction melts me.

4/365 Baby Shark

I'm not sure why it's taken me 14 months to get bath shots with Mr. T but it did. And when I did, I made sure to wear my Sky zone trampoline socks with the ultra grip bottoms to straddle the tub lest I join him (with my camera, no thanks) and sing "Baby Shark" to him. do do do do do do do baby shark do do do do do do do ....

5/365 Parent Fuel

Parent Fuel. Today I need coffee. All of it, the whole pot. Hubs bought me this mug with the ever appropriate nickname I've had since being married for 9 years. This mug was an anniversary present and without knowing it, he nailed the "traditional" anniversary gift of ceramic.

6/365 - All you bead is love

Miss S is obsessed with beading. Santa restocked her stash. Now she is beading bracelets for everyone she knows and multiple times for her mommy <3

7/365 - The Mermaid's Hair

Miss S has the most awesome thick long hair, taking after me. Brushing hers without knots is a challenge but I love watching it in the tub as it flows in the water. Just like a mermaid <3

And that's it! Week One complete, So far this project has been fun and I've caught lots of moments I probably would not have bothered to try for and that in itself is exciting. Stay tuned for week 2 :) Thanks for dropping by!

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