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Who Says Cake Smashes are Just for Babies...

My oldest child just turned 5. Normally I would celebrate any age milestone she has with a photo session, but this year my little girl had something else in mind.

"Mommy" she says, "Can I have a cake smash?"

"Well, I see no reason why not" I replied. After all, if 30 and 40 year olds are smashing cakes and having their pictures done...who am I to say it's just for babies turning one.

"Oh thank you mommy! thank you so so so much!!" she cries and covers me in kisses like I'm a hero. (I like to believe that I am)

She then goes on to explain in great detail how her cake will be rainbow coloured with sprinkles and whipped cream. Glittery with stars and rainbow colours for the backdrop...I can see this little lass stepping up to be my set designer when she gets older! So together, we planned and we both delivered. I will forever cherish these silly and wonderful images of her as she gets older.

Interested in a cake smash for any age? Check pricing HERE

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