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365 February Favorites

Wow! Is it just me or did February blow by rather quickly? I know it's the shortest of all months but I feel like I blinked and now it's March! I can't wait for spring, I felt a bit teased this past month as we had a glorious Family Day weekend, warm and sunny only to tempt fate and trade places with snow again. I hope March brings us some more warm sunny weather, I feel overdue for some vitamin D.

I've also found myself busy with prep work for the 2018 Birth Fair. The vendor show is for March 3rd and 4th at the Cloverdale Agriplex, I'm excited to be there to showcase products and meet people, so I would love it if you drop by to say hello!

If you've followed my 365 to this point, my best of laid intentions to blog weekly have been canned. I've never considered myself a successful blogger as I can never find the time to do so, and I guess now really isn't any different; however, I'm still trying to keep up with my 365 blog circle, so accountability is going to hold me to at least the monthly blog.

At the bottom of this post will be a link to click on over to Laura Froese's work at Paraphrase Photography and see what her 365 February favorites are too. She will link to another photographer and so on until you find yourself back here. There are some amazing shots in our group this week as the challenges ranged from finding lines, creating lens distortion, looking for hints of colour and putting ourselves in front of the camera again. So I encourage you to take a small amount of time and see what our 365 collective has put out this month.

36/365 up up and away!

Honestly, I will love any shot that I make an effort to be in because I am forever behind the camera and NEVER in front of the lens. Self-timer help here for some good old fashioned fun with Mr. T

32/365 A boy and his guitar

Lines were the theme this week that I took this image. I stuck a small flashlight in the guitar to get that rim light on him. He loves guitar so much, I think it will be one of his first loves. We plan to get him his own when he turns 2 and lessons soon after.

38/365 Disney Magic

Sometimes the stars align rather perfectly and I feel this is one of those shots. We were dying to get out of the house and had a scheduled Lego build at the Lego store that night so I decided to bring the camera because that bright pick-a-brick wall would be perfect right?

And then after we went, my kids wanted to go to the Disney store next door and magic happened. I'll get that brick shot again another day because this was my love. That mirror is perfect and Mr. T is adorable in 3 way glass, plus if you look just past Cinderella, you can make me out, taking the shot.

44/365 Cup Half full

So this week was my favorite. I LOVE playing with distortion in front of the lens. This is a half full cup of water and the 2 seconds Miss S stood still for me. But I like the result.

45/365 snow day

This is shot using a plastic bag with a torn hole in it on the front of my lens. High tech right?

47/365 Star Queen

Miss S rather more cooperative today. She indulged my whim to dress up so I could take this sparkly shot. All the foreground bokeh is from shooting through a silver star shaped garland I've had kicking around for a while. The shot is so dreamy for me and I'm in love with it instantly. So many more to edit from this day!

49/365 dirty window

All that fuzzy goodness in this shot is from my dirty windows. It still worked to get in line with the theme of distortion and now I don't feel so bad about never getting around to cleaning them. Spring is on it's way and maybe I'll clean them then. lol I love the pops of colour here and how the haze looks like the snow is evaporating, even though it wasn't.

And that rounds out some of my favorites this month. Let's keep the momentum moving and click on over to Laura's Blog to see what she's cooked up :) Thanks for stopping by!

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