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January 365: My Favorite Outtakes

For my 365 project, I post one single image for every single day. Does that mean that I take only one shot? Heck no! And in fact, the decision on which ones to post can be tough for me. Sometimes the one I choose will be the image that intuitively feels right while I'm editing away in the middle of the night. Sometimes there's just an image that calls to you, and maybe you don't know why, maybe it's not perfect technically but there is something pulling at your heart and making you smile. Sometimes the shot I set out to get, ends up not being the one that I decide to post at all. In the end, I feel like this month heralded some really beautiful images that I haven't shared and not sharing feels wrong.

A few images from a beautiful foggy day at Godwin Farm. 14/365 was a beautiful adventure into a magical forest and garnered my favorite shot from the month, I plan on printing big for my wall but I am equally in love with some of the others, I took that day too:

Then there is my daughter and her doll and the uncanny fact that we all had similar clothing. If these aren't miss S in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

The rest are just some fun images I can't bear to part with:

My 365 is in a group of photographers who are undertaking the same challenge and as part of our circle of inspiration, we have chosen to blog our favorites from the month.

Seeming I've blogged every image as weekly posts, I thought I would post these favorite outtakes instead. To me these images are just as important as the one image I ended up choosing for each day and I will love them for ever! And I hope you've enjoyed looking at them, if you would like to see some really amazing work, click on over to my friend Laura Froese's Blog and have a look, I really admire her style and composition and I hope you will too! She will have another link at the bottom of her page for another photographer's 365 favorites and if you follow the links around, you should end up back here, closing the circle of links and viewing everyone's beautiful work :)

Tune in next month for a whole new batch of favorites from 365, thanks for dropping by!

Another favorite outtake came from my daughter's Dress Like my Doll session. I love how her personality just kind of rocks this shot for me.

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