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365 Week 4

Well Hello! It's week 4! I made it 4 weeks! Let's keep this train rolling! Whoot whoot!

This week the theme was to practice low key portraits and really embrace the shadows and contrast. And for most of this week I had some fun doing it too:

22/365 The new car seat

Mr. T leveled up and now I get to have lots of free time to myself sitting in the car waiting for him to wake up from the single nap he now often takes. Oh how I loved the freedom of click in and click out with the infant carrier but it's into the toddler seat now. At least I can catch up on my reading.

23/365 Arcade in the Office

Years ago my husband acquired a Street Fighter II Arcade and it now sits in the corner of my small office. This is how sibling rivalry will be settled in this house.

24/365 mommy's glasses

Trying to stick Mr. T in a pocket of light proved tricky. Here, hold my glasses.

25/365 The Storyteller

Miss S & Mr. T love playing in this little tent. She's such an amazing big sister, always keeping him entertained <3

26/365 Reflections of a friend

Theo was having a blast talking, hanging out and kissing his new found friend, himself.

26/365 The 64th wedding anniversary

I am one lucky girl to be able to have my grandparents here and even more lucky to be celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary. I don't think Miss S thought I was very funny....

28/365 Little Helpers

Whether doing laundry, helping to place the flash, or helping mommy get the shot, I can count on my little helpers.

All in all, I really liked grabbing some of these low light shots. I love how some of my ideas turned out and I can't wait to see what week 5 is all about, Thanks for dropping by, see you next Monday!

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