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365 Week 3

Hello World! You've come back to sneak a glance at week three have you?

This week the prompts were for capturing the absurd and the silly. And I thought I was going to have this nailed! We are such a silly family: Dance parties, dress ups, puny jokes and lots of laughter. I also think Miss S can pull a pretty awesome silly face. But you know what? The cold that had been going through my household finally decided to claim me as victim and all of my best intentions for setting up some moments for great shots, were exchanged for I need to grab any shot just so I can keep up. But I'm hanging in there, and these are my daily pics for week three.

16/365 Master of the rings

If only you knew how long it's taken her to master these rings. She has practiced hard for the better part of year and I'm so proud of her ability now!

17/365 Couch Naps

Mr. T snuggled down for a nap. After I took this, I was pretty much there too. This is when my cold decided to kick my but.

18/365 My Monkey

Okay, thank God for school making me leave my house this week. She still has to burn off energy so a little playtime after school is usually in measure. At least I managed one silly face this week.

19/365 You're getting too big...

Mr. T hardly uses this thing any more. He's almost past the weight restriction but I threw him in here for some entertainment while feeling bleh. I had to laugh because he can reach this bar now and pulled some new tricks while he was at it. But, realistically this is the last time I think I will be able to put him in it.

20/365 Jungle Jac's for a birthday

Friends of ours invited us to Jungle Jac's for a birthday. We've never been to this play center and thankfully I am feeling much better at this point of the week. It was pretty cool and both my kids had a blast. I love this moment that daddy and Mr. T are sharing amidst this sea of weekend chaos.

21/365 Charlotte Diamond

My kids love Charlotte Diamond. I bought these tickets a while back when I heard she was coming locally. She is so amazing to watch and it brings back nostalgia for me because I listened to her music as a kid too. Recently, she was awarded the Order of Canada for her contributions to Canadian children's music. We got her autographs and a picture after the show, but I loved this one moment on stage when all the kids went ape for her bubbles. They all look like a bunch of excited Charlotte Diamond Groupies all wanting to hug their favorite rock star.

And that sums up week three everyone, I feel like this week was more of a documented approach. I carried my camera because I had to, and it's hard when your sick and not feeling it but I'm glad I still got some fun moments in it all. Thanks for dropping by!

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