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365 Week Two

Hello Lovelies! Thank you for dropping by to see what week 2 of my 365 shaped up to look like. The theme prompt in the group this week was two-fold. Juxtapositions; The idea of 2 contrasting ideas, situations, or compositions and Keeping it real: Catching the truths of life in the home (The messiness and the chaos) and the people who live there. The latter is kind of my focus anyways but the juxtaposition here is that I hardly ever put myself in the frame. I live in my house too! but I'm hardly ever documented with my kids, just hanging out except for cellphone selfies (And even that is pretty rare). So this week was also an attempt to put myself in the frame.

8/365 -Master of the Fork

14 months and Mr. T has mastered a lot of dexterity. He's beginning to claim his independence with utensils, in particular his fork.

9/365 -Playtime

Getting in the frame for some of those candid moments. I set my camera and left in on interval timing. I am so in love with the shots that came out of our playtime with cars and blocks :)

10/365 - Dewy Morning

Again, some interval timing on a lovely morning walk at the Surrey Nature Center. The sun had just come out and the dew was starting to evaporate.

11/365 -Laborious Laundry

We all know how hard it is to tame the beast. Here's me trying to tame mine. #keepingitreal

12/365 - Library Lounging

We found ourselves at the Surrey Central Library today. I love this building for all it's architectural lines and great light. The large windows and swooping curved window ledges make for some great spots that kids love to climb and sit in. And Mr. T is doing just that.

13/365 - Triple Vision

So Miss S has wanted a doll like this for a while. She finally saved up enough money that we went last week to buy her one. The uncanny thing was that this particular doll that she chose was dressed in clothes that Sophia and I own. I joked about how we should all take our picture together and that sealed the deal in little Miss S's mind. Fast forward to the one week anniversary of the doll coming into our house and my little girl is buzzing around wrapping up her toys as presents to give to her dolly on her "birthday". We baked apple turnovers and had "birthday cake" and then finished it all off with a set of photos. it was a fun and very adorable afternoon.

14/365 - "Let us go in, for the fog is lifting" - Emily Dickinson

There is something so magical about fog. The way it hangs in the air, they way the light moves through it. The soft bright mixing with moody dark. It was hard to pick a favorite today, because I'm in love with so many from this outing but I always come back to these trees. I am obsessed with this little path in the woods and the fog makes it even more magical! What a wonderful walk outside, it was so good for my soul <3

And that's it for week 2 everyone, I am really enjoying what this project is forcing me to do and I've fallen in love with what I've captured for myself so far. I look forward to seeing what this next week brings me and I hope you have a great week too! Thanks for stopping by!

xo Jen

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